Legislative Platform

Indiana Council 2017 Legislative and Public Policy Platform

For the 2017 legislative session, the Indiana Council has identified the following primary areas of advocacy on behalf of the community based mental health and substance use treatment system in Indiana.

Improving healthcare access is critical to ensure that high risk, high need health consumers have been appropriately determined eligible for services and afforded the opportunity for well-designed treatment options specific to their health condition. It is critical to develop and appropriately incentivize the mental health and substance abuse treatment workforce to meet the healthcare needs of Hoosiers.

Community mental health center (CMHC) providers are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive health services to high risk, high need consumers suffering from mental health or substance use disorders and the legislature should take steps to ensure the system is appropriately funded to treat these vulnerable health consumers in their communities.

The Indiana Council Supports:

  1. Legislative changes to certain IPLA licensure requirements that would increase the supply and availability of qualified mental health providers without compromising quality of care.
  2. Legislation to allow prescribers to prescribe important psychiatric medications without a face-to-face consultation in certain situations where the health consumer is supported and assessed by Master’s level professionals prior to meeting with a prescriber.
  3. Legislative changes to the health navigator statue to ensure vulnerable health consumers, particularly those preparing for reentry from the criminal justice system, are able to obtain health care in a timely manner.
  4. Increased funding for Recovery Works to meet mental health and addiction treatment needs of incarcerated individuals preparing for reentry into our communities.
  5. Changes to the Indiana Criminal Code to reduce drug related offenses for individuals suffering from addiction, and redirect cost savings from the criminal justice system toward mental health and addiction treatment.
  6. Legislative reform to allow practicum and intern students supervised by a licensed practitioner to bill for certain Medicaid services without overly cumbersome administrative burdens.
  7. Funding in the biennial state budget specifically dedicated for community mental health centers to ensure funding levels support community based mental health and addiction treatment needs.
  8. Legislation requiring the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP) to develop and submit a Behavioral Health Home State Plan Amendment (SPA) to enable community mental health providers to develop care coordination teams to provide comprehensive, integrated health care for high utilizing Medicaid consumers.
  9. Legislation requiring Managed Care Entities to pay community mental health centers in a prompt manner to ensure the sustainability of the safety net for Indiana’s most vulnerable health consumers.

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