Committee Member of the Month

Jody Horstman

Aspire Indiana Behavioral Health Systems

Dr. Jody Horstman, senior director of Comprehensive Outpatient Services at Aspire, is a licensed psychologist and HSPP. Dr. Horstman joined Aspire in March of 2012 and serves as Senior Director of Youth & Family Community Services. Dr. Horstman has served as a Clinical Therapist/Psychologist, an Outpatient Manager, and Director of Child & Adolescent Services at an Indiana community mental health center for 22 years, prior to joining Aspire.

Dr. Horstman has extensive experience working in collaboration with family- and youth-serving organizations in the development and implementation of programs. These programs and services include school-based services, alternative classrooms, Wraparound and CA-PRTF, therapeutic foster care, independent living services, home-based services, therapy services in partnership with residential providers, and general outpatient services. Dr. Horstman worked closely with Indiana’s Department of Child Services (DCS) in implementing the DCS Medicaid Initiative and continues to serve on that workgroup at the state level.

Dr. Horstman also has extensive experience in disaster mental health, having served with the American Red Cross in New York following 9/11, as part of the Indiana Task Force that assisted Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina, and most recently worked in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. She is a member of Indiana’s State Disaster Mental Health Team and a trainer of Psychological First Aid (PFA).

Dr. Jody Horstman was born and raised in southern California, moving to Indiana for her pre-doctoral internship in 1990. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science from California State Polytechnic University and her Master of Arts and Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology from the United States International University in San Diego, California.

Addictions Committee

Chair: Linda Grove-Paul, Centerstone of Indiana (Bloomington)

Adult Services Committee

Chair: Gerry Cyranowski, Meridian Health Services

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Chair: Leticia Timmel, Four County

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Chair: Christine Kelty, Park Center (Fort Wayne)

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Chair: Deb Bieber, Southwestern Healthcare, Inc.

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Chair: Dr. Dennis Anderson, Community Health Network (Indianapolis)

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Chair: Jim Skeel, Aspire Indiana (Noblesville)